What Are Money Blocks?

Stocks are almost always going to be an important part of any investment portfolio, but they are far from the only thing you want to own. In this service, we take a new approach toward how we think about allocating our money.

We call this approach Money Blocks.

Put simply, Money Blocks are exactly what they sound like—blocks of money or capital that you set aside for specific investing purposes. Money Blocks are a division of your capital assets into targeted asset allocations. Now, don’t confuse this asset model with your typical asset allocation modeling from a full-service brokerage firm. This model is much more targeted, and its purpose is to help you safeguard your money from crisis, collapse and economic uncertainty.

How do you create a Money Block?

Simply take your total assets and divide them by the Money Block formula as part of The Wealth Shield Portfolio. Details of this formula can be found in our e-book, The Wealth Shield: 6 Smart Strategies to Protect Your Money.

Right now, let’s take a quick look at the six basic Money Blocks in The Wealth Shield Portfolio:

Money Block Chart

The allocation of cash to different Money Blocks in The Wealth Shield Portfolio allows you the liquidity and flexibility of being able to access your money, safeguard your money, and grow your money. The Wealth Shield model also is designed to protect you in the event of another financial collapse, economic crisis or a stagnated global economy (much as we’ve witnessed over the last three years).

The following chart depicts the goal or purpose behind each of the Money Blocks:

Money Block

Asset Held


Global Cash

Foreign Currency

Liquidity, Asset Protection, Limited Income

Gold, Silver, Commodities

Physical Metals, Coins, ETFs

Liquidity, Asset Protection, Limited Capital Appreciation

Stock Dominators

Common Stocks

Capital Appreciation

Cash Cows

Dividend Stocks

Income, Capital Preservation

Lockbox IOUs


Capital Preservation, Limited Income

Money Hedge


Capital Preservation, Limited Appreciation

When you put it together, your Wealth Shield portfolio will have capital preservation; income; hard, liquid assets; and capital appreciation no matter which way the stock markets move, and no matter what happens in the economy.

You can do this without having to incur huge risk in your portfolio. Where the Wealth Shield Portfolio detours from typical asset allocation models is in the execution of each Money Block.

One last point: You are in control of your money. If you want more stability and safety, you can put more money in cash or gold; if you need more income, put more money into the Cash Cow Money Block. This model is flexible based on your needs.

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